Years of innovative ideas and valued experience led Spartan’s President and CEO, Lorenzo Downing, to a central belief…“Though business is not an exact science, if you create a team of diverse thought leaders who apply their cumulative experience and expertise with focus and precision, you can continuously create solutions to solve just about any problem.”

Driven The path to success began with Lorenzo’s innate leadership capabilities. His collegiate accomplishments laid the foundation for a career at Air Force Systems Command Headquarters as a division chief. There he made his mark managing a two-billion-dollar strategic planning program, while making decisions that would impact the organization’s employees, day-to-day operations and future resources. Excelling at that level of management seemed unlikely for a recent college graduate, but meeting the challenges of a commander solidified his capacity to succeed in a high visibility position. Lorenzo led more than 200 officers and airmen in representing the Air Force, to the highest standards, in military and public ceremonies for the President and visiting world leaders.

Experienced Lorenzo has built a successful career and reputation through his ability to seize opportunities and deploy his visionary leadership skills. KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies in the world, recognized the invaluable leader that came along with Lorenzo’s 20 plus years in the Air Force, as well as his end-to-end financial management and savvy relationship skills. Realizing that they had also acquired a true value-added “Big-Four” partner, KPMG made Lorenzo a shareholder within five years. At KPMG Lorenzo turned his expertise and leadership style into a management model that led his clients and teams to success. With his sights aimed at channeling his experience and leadership concepts into a new venture, Lorenzo set out to create an optimal business experience. Spartan Business and Technology Services, Inc. embodies his core business philosophy, concepts and leadership vision.

Innovative To Lorenzo, optimal means combining the smart use of new technologies and management best practices to help clients continually improve how they do business. Whether helping government agencies transform how they deliver services to the American public or assisting a non-profit entity with restructuring its processes, Lorenzo takes personal responsibility for the execution and leadership of Spartan’s vision. Spartan’s team members and partners are his focal priority. Lorenzo is committed to energizing and empowering experts in their fields – program analysts, project managers, systems architects and other professionals – to perform at the highest level and continue to advance in their respective areas of expertise.