Business Process Re-Engineering

Over the past eight years, Spartan has served multi-million and multi-billion dollar agencies Thorough rethinking of all business processes, job definitions, management systems, organizational structure, work flow, and underlying assumptions and beliefs. BPR’s main objective is to break away from old ways of working, and effect radical (not incremental) redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical areas (such as cost, quality, service, and response time) through the in-depth use of information technology. Also called business process redesign.

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Program and Project Management

Our project management professionals are certified by the Project Management Institute and the Defense Acquisition University.

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Change Management

Spartan approaches change management from two perspectives: how to adapt to changing business conditions, and how ..

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Business and Financial Operations

Evidence Based Budgeting:
The objective for this role will be for Spartan to assemble and/or develop background data, information, and documentation to support required program budgets for reference and evidence in agency budget hearings and/or before Office Management and Budget (OMB) and/or Congressional committees.


Accounting Operations:
The objective for this role is for Spartan to utilize experienced judgment and conduct extensive research to review and process a wide variety of non-standard transactions for multiple accounts. In addition, Spartan will interpret guidelines, adapt procedures, determine approaches, and resolve specific problems for assignments of a complicated nature.

Professional Development and Certifications: